Leadership for Individuals and Teams

Individualized Employee HR Assistance

Better Workplaces Through Better Leadership

Improving leadership of C-Suite and executive management can improve the overall health of a company not only by empowering individuals and inspiring employees, but by fostering a better workplace free for the entire team. The best way to reduce harassment, bias, and encourage an open mindset begins at the top. Culturupt provides both individual leadership coaching and team building programs.

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Leadership Coaching

We know that leaders are the backbone of all organizations. Leaders shape their team’s dynamics and contribute to the overall culture in the workplace. Our coaching practice focuses on working with individuals to recognize the critical role they play in the workplace. Through ongoing coaching and support we help develop their skills.

Teams and Organizations

Team building and off-sites are great opportunities to continue to develop a closer working relationship with everyone on your team. Traditional off-sites focus on personality assessments, but our team building exercises bring the latest neuroscience and mental health awareness to the forefront. We focus on wellness, self-care, and empathy in the workplace.
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