People and Culture

We serve as strategic consultants for companies that want to develop the right processes and procedures in the workplace to ensure that everyone is treated with respect. We consult with companies that are scaling their people team operations, handling a sensitive human resources issue, need crisis management support, and or are preparing for the Future State of Work. On occasion, we have also served as Interim Chief People Officer for companies that need assistance. We are collaborative and are HR strategic advisors in these situations.

Among other things, we help companies with:

  • How to develop an effective performance management system?
  • How to effectively implement the performance management system?
  • How to manage FMLA/ADA leaves and requests for accommodation? We serve as employee relations experts.
  • How to develop the right policies to ensure that a diverse and equitable environment is valued?
  • How to train managers to deliver feedback?
  • How to build a positive workplace culture?
  • How to handle disciplinary issues and or possible reduction in force issues?
  • How to analyze what the Future State of Work could look like?

Culture Assessments and Climate

We work with companies to effectively survey and understand the culture in their workplace. We know that a positive workplace culture and strong managers are the key to retaining talent, ensuring that employees are effective, and productive at work. We work with companies to:

  • Conduct 360 degree reviews and assessments of managers, teams, or entire companies, as needed. We help analyze the trends to explain to companies’ their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Conduct in person or virtual training with managers to develop leadership skills that will lead to a positive workplace environment.
  • Conduct team training that focuses on building the growth mindset and positive culture in the workplace that values everyone for their unique skills and abilities.
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