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Improving Productivity Through Better Workplaces

Culturupt has a wide selection of workplace training for employees, managers, and executives. Our bespoke programming can be individually crafted to suit the unique needs of each client.

Culturupt’s seminars focus on improving the workplace environment at all staff levels. Leadership training for C-suite and managers at all levels improves relationships with employees, while Respect in the Workplace, Bias, and DEI training can enhance the workplace by creating more inclusive spaces and allowing employees to perform their best work.

Culturupt has a record of success with more than 90% of participants rating their experiences with our programs 5 out of 5 or “excellent.”

Below are some of the seminars available from Culturupt, or contact us about developing a custom program today.

Tone at the Top

We work with our clients to ensure they are creating the right tone at the top. We stress to leaders the importance of creating the right culture in the workplace. We provide training, coaching, and consulting to help companies build a respectful, positive, and equitable workplace.

Respect in the Workplace Training<

Now more than ever, respect is demanded in the workplace. Incivility and a lack of respect has led to increased litigation risk and brand risk for companies. We are hired to conduct trainings one on one post-investigation for leaders, or to provide group training for companies that addresses how to build respect in the workplace.

Manager Training

We know that managers and leaders are critical to workplace culture. Our training provides managers and leaders with a manager playbook to spot the HR issues early on, understand what documentation must be preserved, and trains leaders to respond with empathy. We offer this training one on one or in a group setting.

Sexual Harassment Training

A number of states including New York and New Jersey now require that companies provide sexual harassment training. In-person training has been found to be more effective as participants are engaged. Managers and executives should be trained in person at least every other year. Our trainings are compliant with all local state laws and include real-life case scenarios for participants to work through.

Implicit Bias/Building an Inclusive Workplace Training

Inclusive and Diverse workplaces outperform workplaces without diversity. Building an inclusive and equitable workplace takes time. We focus on the latest neuroscience research combined with growth mindset research to bring a cutting edge implicit bias training to your workplace. We use role play and interactive exercises in an authentic way to open up deeper conversations on this topic. Our trainees walk away with more understanding, empathy for their co-workers, and an awareness that we all have a responsibility to be upstanders, not bystanders, in a workplace.

Growth Mindset Training

The concept is simple: everyone has the potential for growth. Traditional training and leadership development approaches have focused on developing “star players” or “natural born leaders,” but research has consistently shown that companies that value building a growth mindset in the workplace are more likely to outperform traditional hierarchical companies. In today’s world, resilience and the ability to adapt are critical tools in the workplace. Our training focuses on building teams and employees that value the growth mindset point of view; employees are trained to view their setbacks as learning opportunities, and leaders are trained to deliver feedback that is focused on their employee’s growth, as well as trajectory, over time.

Business Benefits and Reviews of Training

  • 90% of participants in our training exercises have rated our training as a 5 out of 5, or excellent.
  • “Thanks for a thought provoking training!! Our staff are sure to have more of a growth mindset moving forward!”
  • “The training was everything we hoped it would be and more. In the #MeToo age, this training is more important than ever, and you presented material in an accessible and engaging manner, leading to really valuable discussions. Thanks so much!”
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