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July 2019 Newsletter

We hope that you are enjoying some much needed relaxation and down time with friends and family this summer. Things are as busy as ever in the HR and Employment Sector. Read below for more insights from Culturupt. Updates to New York and California Employment Law New York – At the end of June 2019, New York State passed a new bill that implemented sweeping changes to New York State Human Rights Law. The new bill makes it significantly easier for a complainant to file a claim for harassment and or discrimination. The bill also increases the monetary penalties associated with a claim (i.e., a complainant may now file for punitive damages and attorney’s fees are no longer discretionary). Employers should consider implementing in-person anti-harassment training versus online off-the-shelf training to address these new changes. Supervisors and leaders should be provided with increased training. Contact Culturupt to discuss any of your in-person training needs. California – This week California became the first state to ban employers from discriminating against people based on their natural hair (the “Crown Act”). The new law is effective January 1, 2020. Employers should review and revise all dress-code policies and practices, as well as ensure that supervisors and talent/recruiting is aware of new changes to the law. Read more on the Culturupt Blog.

Developing a Positive Culture in the Workplace & Investigations

Company culture plays a large role in overall employee retention, employee engagement, and innovation. Growth Mindset Training may be the key to encouraging your employees to face challenges head-on and develop their ability to improve over time. In contrast to a Fixed Mindset, organizations that develop a Growth Mindset believe that employees are capable of improving, and that talent or intelligence is not fixed. Training leaders and employees to develop a Growth Mindset in the workplace creates a positive culture in the workplace and allows for leaders to provide feedback that is better received. Contact us for more info on how to bring this training to your organization.

Investigations. With the rise in the #MeToo movement and updates to corresponding sexual harassment/discrimination state laws, it is no surprise that there has been an uptick in the number of complaints filed informally or formally within organizations. More and more organizations are handling these concerns seriously by investigating all concerns expediently. A third-party investigator allows for organization to thoroughly investigate all concerns in an unbiased, neutral, and expedient fashion. A third-party investigator also protects the organization long-term should a claim be filed because the investigation was conducted by a neutral party. Contact Culturupt to learn more.

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