Culturupt is Honored to have Worked Closely with its Client Governor Murphy on Developing a Comprehensive Human Resources and Workplace Culture Partnership

Culturupt was chosen to help implement a comprehensive program of HR services, including but not limited to employment relations support; diversity, equity, and inclusion services; workplace culture issues; and training for staff and consultants.

“Running a successful campaign means building a healthy and empowering workplace culture based on respect, inclusion, and professionalism,” said Murphy for Governor Campaign Manager Mollie Binotto. “We’re excited to partner with Ritu and Culturupt to ensure that Murphy for Governor 2021 adheres to the highest standards of workplace conduct and HR best practices. Building an inclusive and welcoming work environment is our highest priority.”

“I am excited to work with Governor Murphy, First Lady Tammy Murphy, and the entire Murphy for Governor 2021 team,” said Ritu Pancholy, Esq., founder of HR consulting firm Culturupt. “Now, more than ever, creating the right culture and environment in a campaign is critical. Taking these proactive steps to build a respectful culture in the workplace at the start of the campaign will ensure that it remains a priority throughout the campaign.”

The campaign program entailed strategies to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace; mandatory sexual harassment training, and implicit bias trainings for staff and consultants; the development of a code of conduct and campaign policies; independent workplace investigation services; the creation of reporting structures for complaints; employment relations support; assistance in resolving campaign environment concerns; and best practices for onboarding, disciplining, and terminating employees and consultants.

Culturupt has previously partnered with the New Jersey Democratic State Committee (NJDSC) on comprehensive workplace culture and HR-related issues.

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