Culturupt launches New Offering – Professional Environment Evaluation Report (PEER)


It’s no secret that the pandemic has substantially impacted workplace culture and shifted employee expectations. According to Fast Company, 52% of employees said the pandemic led them to question the purpose of their day-to-day job.

As those expectations continue to evolve – particularly among younger workers – employers face new challenges in hiring, retaining, and maximizing performance.

In response to this changing landscape, Culturupt has developed a Professional Environment Evaluation Report (PEER) to assess workplace culture, measure employee satisfaction, and gauge brand enthusiasm. PEER is a four-step process – backed by data and supported by human resource professionals – that focuses on:

·         addressing the shifting needs of employees

·         increasing trust between managers and staff

·         motivating team members to achieve the highest level of productivity

·         fostering a sense of well-being


PEER achieves these goals through a unique and thorough 4-step process:

1. C-Suite Interviews

The process begins as a top-down assessment of the organization. In-depth executive interviews survey managerial style, team synergy, and leadership acumen, providing essential insight into the workplace environment.


2. Focus Groups

Culturupt works closely with your organization to craft customized, cross-functional focus groups. Soliciting feedback through focus groups creates a safe environment, allowing team members to share authentic experiences, while simultaneously providing a platform where they feel their voice has been heard.


3. Engagement Survey

Culturupt’s surveys are designed and administered based on your specific needs. The bespoke surveys hone measured data to increase insights and improve participant experience. Surveys conducted by Culturupt are completed by 80% or more of employees, and many employees say  the surveys make them feel that the organization cares about their well-being.


4. Review & Recommendation

After collecting the data, Culturupt presents a cohesive and meaningful analysis backed by our professional knowledge and experience in human resource management. We document the findings, identify risks, and make recommendations for corrective actions to improve the workplace environment.


In the wake of Covid, the world has changed – and the workplace has changed with it. Culturupt is available to help you navigate this ever-evolving environment and address employee issues before it’s too late to fix them.

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